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Values ​​are essential for setting a course, defining medium and long-term strategies and ensuring the consistency of our business plan. Our values ​​are not just a series of empty words, it is really our genetic code.

| Service and hospitality

Protection UNIT has stood out from its beginnings for its operational excellence through the concepts of service and hospitality. If this concept is reminiscent of the hospitality industry, it is nonetheless present in our daily life in the field, in relations with our customers or in the internal animation of our teams.

Service and hospitality directly relate to this link between our missions and the “customer experience”, that is to say the balance between the requirements linked to our business and its security aspects (control, surveillance, intervention, conflict management) and our will to embody a professional but courteous and smiling service.

The offer of an authentic and honest service, the attention to detail, a good welcome, clear indications given with a smile … for us it is these elements that make the difference.

| Trust and integrity

These are two essential values ​​which are recognized by our customers and partners. The high level of honesty and integrity inspires confidence but also respect; these are the basics that build an often solid relationship with most of our customers.

| Rigor and excellence

Protection UNIT is made up of women and men recognized for their expertise and experience in order to provide a high quality service to our customers.

The very nature of our missions impose impeccable moral and professional rigor, we are very vigilant about this.

| Listening and adaptability

Listening is good. Listening and adapting is better! We insist that all of our employees be able to adapt and develop our services in order to always better satisfy our customers. They must therefore be able to be open to changes in the way we do business and that of our customers. But also be creative in identifying a solution while being able to offer several alternatives when faced with a problem.

| Agility

Agility is the main strength of Protection UNIT: responsiveness, versatility, autonomy, proactivity.

To be agile is to know how to put in place the means to adapt: ​​to your client, to your market, to increasingly rapid changes and to the emergence of new needs or new tools.

The agility allows each Protection UNIT employee to be immediately operational at the heart of the decision system to transform resistance into performance levers.