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Our philosophy is based on the 4 P: P ensée P ersonnelle P ositive P ermanente

Our preventive and proactive Management aims to develop the motivation and positive thinking of our employees while maintaining contact and permanent listening

We very regularly organize objective and constructive inspections to ensure the supervision of our agents and to maintain regular contact in the workplace.


Our inspectors (Quality Control Managers) provide a direct link with our customers with regular visits to measure and analyze the satisfaction rate. An evaluation report makes it possible to approach the points of improvement and thus maintain a high level of quality.

  • Internal audit

The ISO 9001 manager periodically performs internal quality audits to verify the effectiveness of the quality system. This is done by internal audits carried out according to a global audit plan which checks whether the procedures are applied, improves the quality system and checks whether corrective and / or preventive measures have been taken.

  • Product monitoring and measurement

The controls are very regular and strict, but our inspectors are trained in the direction of objective and constructive controls with regard to the requirements of the mission. Their contribution in terms of controls and regular monitoring is extremely important with the ultimate aim of ensuring that all agents and their missions are constantly evaluated.



Each agent benefits from a smartphone equipped with our application, specially developed for our security activities. Several useful functions:

  • Service take-off function

Each agent who will be required to perform on your site will have to register on this smartphone using their personal login and password in order to take up service.

This will have several advantages:

– Once the agent is identified on the site, the start time and the end time are automatically validated in our scheduling software. This allows us to guarantee fair invoicing based on the hours actually worked by our security guards.

– When agents take services via the smartphone, we can make them aware of changes in the instructions, or new procedures.

  • Round function

This application also allows you to create mandatory or non-mandatory rounds for our security guards.

By placing discrete NFC chips to stick on walls or other supports within your site / building (fire extinguishers, window sills, shutters, etc.), we can create a round. The agent will then only have to point to these pellets using his smartphone.

We can configure each tablet and assign it a specific instruction.

Example: you have decided to place a tablet near a fire extinguisher. We can configure this patch so that the following message is displayed on the smartphone each time the agent scans this patch: “check the expiry date of the fire extinguisher”. The agent will then have to validate in order to continue his round and move on to the next tablet.

  • Reports function

After each service, our security guards have the obligation to write an end of mission report. These reports are written via our smartphone application. Our application also allows the agent to take photos or videos and attach them to his reports.

In addition to end of mission reports, various types of reports can be configured, such as incident or finding reports.

When an agent finds something, he can directly write an incident or finding report via our application. He can attach photos or videos to this report.

All the reports linked to your site are therefore directly available in real time in your secure customer area.