Protection Unit is a Belgian company established in 2008 and specialising in the supply of security services.

The mission of Protection Unit is to:

  • satisfy its customers;
  • anticipate and respond professionally to the needs of its customers;
  • increase staff satisfaction by developing their skills, their versatility, their autonomy, their sense of responsibility and their motivation, in compliance with quality standards.

Protection Unit is committed to satisfying customers with a constant focus on quality and services.
Protection Unit wishes to provide the best comprehensive response to customers’ changing needs, in a spirit of proximity and responsiveness.

We strive on a daily basis to improve our security services by investing in new technology, by offering our employees multiple in-house training opportunities and by continuously seeking out solutions to the issues encountered.

To establish and embed its approach of continuous progress and quality, Protection Unit is based on a number of values.

These values are:

  • The satisfaction of our customers;
  • The well-being of our employees;
  • Maintaining our skills at a high level;
  • Flexibility, proximity and responsiveness.

Monitoring and security are specialised occupations, but for our company, they are, first and foremost, about mutual cooperation with our customers, our passion which we hope to share with you.

The Protection Unit team

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