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Our agents

The security guard is the person who, with the authorization of the Ministry of the Interior, protects public or private places, property or people. Its role is to prevent malicious acts according to security regulations. In general, it performs three main roles: surveillance of places and goods (prevention rounds and risk detection), checks (places, equipment, security and prevention systems) and access control (filtering persons / objects, entry and exit compliance control, issuance of authorizations, etc.).

We recruit our agents on criteria of excellence in order to provide services of irreproachable quality. As the first ambassadors on the ground, they embody our vision and our values. They perfectly integrate the high degree of requirement of the profession while emphasizing the concepts of service, courtesy and benevolence.

Our agents are continuously trained to be able to carry out the specific missions assigned to them. Protection UNIT is also careful to develop their capacity to integrate a whole series of tools at the cutting edge of new technologies.

| Required conditions

The profession of security guard is regulated by the law on private and particular security published in the Belgian Official Gazette on October 31, 2017. This replaces the “Tobback” law of April 10, 1990. It mentions the conditions for access to the security guard profession (chapter 4, section 2).

The security guard must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a national of a member state of the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation and have their main residence there
    Not to have been sentenced, even suspended, to a correctional or criminal sentence (with the exception of road traffic convictions)
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have passed a psycho-technical examination to determine whether the person concerned has a balanced personality and whether, psychologically, his profile is characterized by respect for fundamental rights and the rights of fellow citizens; integrity, loyalty and discretion; an ability to cope with aggressive behavior from others and to control oneself in such situations; respect for democratic values.
  • Meet the conditions of training and professional experience which aim to ensure that those concerned are aware of the regulations and of the skills and obligations which apply during the exercise of the functions and activities provided for in this law; have the skills and competences required to carry out their activities in a correct and qualitative manner.

The security guard candidate will also have to satisfy the security survey, carried out by the FPS Interior, which aims to ensure the absence of risks for the internal or external security of the State or for public order, as well as the lack of connection with the criminal community.